Eva Mendes: Rumored to Lend Voice to The Female Protagonist in GTA 6, Plans to Tie the Knot with Ryan Gosling, And More!

Eva Mendes seemed to be having a good 2016. First there was the report that she will back to reprise her role of Agent Fuentes in the upcoming installment of Fast and Furious and now there are reports that she might be the female lead in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Eva Mendes had taken a hiatus from work last year as she gave birth to her daughter Esmeralda, but she is now ready to be back in business. Eva Mendes will take on the role of Agent Fuentes and there are reports suggesting that she might even end up having her very own standalone film.

Fast and Furious producer, Vin Diesel and Fast and Furious 8 director F. Gary Gray have realized that there is a lot of material in the Fast and Furious franchise that can be used to make spin-offs. There are numerous characters who have a very rich back story that can go ahead to develop a film.

The eighth installment of the film is going to be a test to see how the characters fare, and once they can gauge which characters are popular with the audience then the plan for the spin-offs will be started.

Yibada has reported that there are numerous rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6. The game is still in the development process and this is the time when all the rumors are cooked up and circulated since there aren’t any official news and announcements on what the players can expect from the new game.

The GTA 6 is going to be released five years after the last installment and that is time enough for the developers to come up with something brilliant for the players. Nuerogadget has hinted at the possibility of Ryan Gosling lending his voice to the male lead in GTA 6. This has fuelled rumors that his real life partner, Eva Mendes might be the one to lend her voice to the female protagonist in the popular game.

There were a lot of speculations that GTA 6 will finally have a female lead since the previous editions of the game have never featured a female in a pivotal role within the game play. This had given rise to a lot of talks and developer Dan Houser had said that Rockstar is thinking of bringing in a female lead in Grand Theft Auto 8.

When Dan Houser was asked by The Guardian, why the developers hadn’t incorporated a female protagonist in GTA5, he said that the process didn’t seem natural. He went ahead to clarify that the company doesn’t have any prejudice against making a female lead, but said that they hadn’t thought of a game that would make a female lead look natural and not forced.

GTA 6 is set to be a grand one and will incorporate all the maps from the previous installments of Grand Theft Auto. There were quite a lot of complaints from the players about the gameplay and features of the GTA 5 and all those issues are going to be addressed in the upcoming version of the game.

Fans had reported that the police in GTA 5 were unrealistically overpowered and it was also easy to evade them from the entire game. Apart from working on this issue, the developers will also look to making the story line more interesting and improve the standard of the challenges in the game.