Emma Stone: Spends Valentine’s Day Alone While Andrew Garfield Out On a Date with a Mystery Woman, Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Emma Stone!

There were a lot of rumors about the couple from The Amazing Spider-Man have gone their separate ways. However, time and again there were reports that the couple has slammed rumors about their breakup and are still very much together.

It was stated that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hadn’t been spotted together for a very long time since they were busy on shooting their respective films.

However, it looks like the cats finally out of the bag. The rumors of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield split had been confirmed since Garfield was spotted on a date in London and it certainly wasn’t with Emma Stone. It looked like Andrew Garfield and the mystery brunette were out on a date.

The actor was out on the city and he was very cozy and lovey-dovey with a mystery woman. The two seemed completely into each other and were giggling away. Andrew Garfield seemed very comfortable with her and he didn’t care if the world saw him out with the beautiful girl in his arms.

It was thought that Andrew Garfield was simply meeting an old friend while he is London shooting for his new film, but it doesn’t look so. The two were very cozy with each other and it clearly looked like Andrew Garfield has moved on from Emma Stone and was out on a date with his new lady-love. They were spotted at the North London Pub and while they were clicked kissing, it looked like they had from the proximity they shared.

This sighting has given rise to rumors that Emma Stone is desperate for attention and that she has now focused her attention on La La Land co-star Ryan Gosling. The two have always been very close and they have been spotted together on numerous occasions.

However, there is no truth in this report since Ryan Gosling has himself come out to state how much he is love with Eva Mendes and that the two of them are soon going to get married at a private ceremony and start a family of their own. Ryan Gosling has said that he had never been someone who believed in settling down, but when he saw Eva Mendes with their daughter Esmeralda, he realized that she is the one for him.

These rumors are completely baseless since Emma Stone is too dignified to make herself available to man simply because her ex has moved on with another girl. Plus, she and Ryan Gosling have been friends for a very long time and they know each other personally and she wouldn’t ever try and come in between Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

This sudden turn in events that caused Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield to part ways had been shocking. The two had been planning to tie the knot and then there were rumors that their busy schedule has been taking a toll in their relationship and now finally it seems like the two are done for.

Emma Stone has gotten a makeover. She is going to be playing the role of Billie Jean King in her upcoming movie and was recently spotted coming out of a salon with her hair colored. Emma Stone is naturally blonde, but she is known for her red locks. However, the actress changed the color to that of a dark shade in preparation for her new movie.Emma Stone will be working with Steve Carell for the film.