Elsweyr Possibly the Next Possible Location in Elder Scrolls 6, Potential Release Date Yet to be Announced, And More

Elsweyr is home to the Khajit and in the northern region of this location; there is Anequina, which comes with desert-filled badlands and a landscape, similar to that of Hammerfell. Pelletine is located in the south and it features woodlands and dense jungles which is similar to that of Valenwood.

In Skyrim, we roamed across a land that was basically quite colorless and desolate and did not offer too many variations. Compared to that, Elsweyr could end up as the perfect location for the upcoming title. Bethesda tried to change this in Fallout 4 and gamers currently hope that the same thing can be accomplished by Elder Scrolls 6.

Elsweyr features a mixture of lush forests and desert wasteland. It features a perfect evolution from Skyrim, in terms of landscape. If they choose it for release date, it would be a welcome change to explore between the two.

Throughout the four eras, the history of Elsweyr has been well documented throughout the four eras and it offered its own monsters like werelions, interesting depths of the Khajit culture and fascinating religious beliefs. When it comes to the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6, Elsweyr seems like the perfect candidate.

Earlier, people started speculating about Redguard but it can be scratched off the list since there is already a game called ‘The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard’. Therefore, it will either be Elsweyr or Valenwood.

Stay tuned for more updates on Elder Scrolls 6!