Elsweyr Possibly the Next Possible Location in Elder Scrolls 6, Potential Release Date Yet to be Announced, And More

Elder Scrolls 6 is yet to release but fans have already speculated some of the factors that can end up being a part of this title. The plot, release date and characters are some of the most heard rumors which make this title quite interesting in nature.

Bethesda could make use of these important factors in order to bring the title to life, now that Fallout 4 has already released. According to a report from Christian Today, ‘The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’ faced tremendous success in the gaming world and fans are wondering whether this success will be further continued in the near future.

Bethesda might think that this is a good idea but in the end, this might probably not be the right time to do it. The plot of upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 is still quite debatable but there are some speculations suggesting that Elsweyr could be the location in which the upcoming sixth game is set.

Rumors indicate that this franchise will include shouts, Greybeards, giants, Holds, Atmorans and Atmora, Draugr, Dragonguard, frostgiants and Labyrinthian. Furthermore, the legacy of Skyrim will be continued with the upcoming game in this franchise, which will serve as a major treat for fans all over the world.

Gaming Bolt reported that Bethesda is still working on Elder Scrolls Online at the moment and sadly, Elder Scrolls 6 will not be releasing anytime soon. The company launches a new title every four years but the company hasn’t revealed any details about the release date of Elder Scrolls 6.

In case of Elder Scrolls 6, the company is probably focusing on its online version at the moment and the company might take further time to develop expansions as well. As a result, fans are waiting for the release of Elder Scrolls 6 but it will be a long time before it actually happens. Elder Scrolls 6 is a highly anticipated title but Bethesda has asked fans to be patient for now.

Meanwhile, a recent chat on Reddit revealed a lot of discussions regarding the future of Elder Scrolls franchise. Right now, there are millions of gamers in the Fallout 4 world, who have already explored the Boston wastelands for countless hours.

After looking at the latest masterpiece from Bethesda, you have no idea what the future with hold. As a result, you can be sure that Elder Scrolls 6 is bound to happen but when will it take place. Meanwhile, the land of Tamriel is pretty vast and expansive and comes with lore, outlined with immense details.

Bethesda has chosen different locations based on the story and the lore that comes with it. Before gamers got the chance to play Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, there was an extraordinarily deep backstory experienced in Cyrodiil. Depending on the findings and discoveries, fans feel like they have discovered a great place for Elder Scrolls 6.

Before Skyrim, there were various references in other Elder Scrolls titles, regarding the story and details of this land. From the looks of it, we need to look at a map of greater size and various provinces which have deep and gripping stories to be told.

The province of Elsweyr has been divided into two separate nations and both of these are client states of the Aldmeri Dominion. It is described as an arid land filled with rocky canyons and deserts and it is where the sun shines brightly.