Luke Hemmings Wants to Become Friends with Justin Bieber, Arzaylea Denies Kissing Michael Clifford, And More

Luke Hemmings and his alleged girlfriend Arzaylea have supposedly broken up. If this wasn’t enough gossip for you, it looks like she has now gone ahead and kissed Michael Clifford.

The news of Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings breaking up started circulating when Luke Hemmings was spotted having dinner at New York’s Cipriani Restaurant with Hailey Baldwin, the niece of actor Alec Baldwin.

Although Hailey Baldwin denied that she was dating 5 Seconds of Summer front man Luke Hemmings, this hasn’t stopped the rumors. Arzaylea on her part has also fueled the rumor to some extent after she shared a Snapchat showing her on bed with another guy.

The Snapchat was immediately deleted by her after it was uploaded. However, it wasn’t fast enough to prevent some of her followers from taking screen shots of it and circulating it all over the internet.

The Snapchat captioned Okay Bear showed Arzaylea on bed looking blissfully happy with a guy beside her. There is no doubt that the guy beside her isn’t Luke Hemmings, because he had tattoos all over his arm.

Hollywood Take reported that Arzaylea had tweeted about not being invited to the American Music Awards by Luke Hemmings and the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer, but she went on her own anyway. This tweet was also deleted by her soon after, but then it was already retweeted by her followers.

There was another tweet from Arzaylea, which mentioned that she has broken up with Luke Hemmings, but it was then confirmed to be a rumor that was started by a few people for some fun, but then things got serious when it went viral online.

Arzaylea has come out to deny that she was kissing 5 Seconds of Summer member Michael Clifford right after she had broken up with Luke Hemmings. Arzaylea addressed this rumor and made it clear that it was not true, however, she never cleared the air over the fact whether she and Luke Hemmings had actually broken up.

Even if Arzaylea hasn’t come out to make it evident that it is all over between her and Luke Hemmings, she has been posting cryptic messages on Twitter that hint at her life having changed in the recent past.

She posted that it always helps to remember that no one can love her the way she loves herself and it hurts when someone doesn’t reciprocate the feelings.

The fans of Luke Hemmings aren’t being able to understand what to believe and what not to believe. For once, Luke Hemmings hasn’t ever come out to confirm that he was even dating Arzaylea. The boys from 5 Seconds of Summer have always maintained that they were single. Ashton Irwin was the only one who ever came out to state that he was dating.

Ashton Irwin had broken the no dating rule that 5 Seconds of Summer had. He started dating model Bryana Holly and things were going pretty well with the two of them. It was in fact on a supposed double date with Bryana Holly and Ashton Irwin that Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea were spotted coming out of The Nice Guy holding hands.

Amidst rumors of Luke Hemmings breaking up with Arzaylea, it has been revealed that Ashton Irwin and Bryana Holly have also decided to break up. Ashton Irwin said that with their hectic schedule it has been getting difficult for the two of them of them to spend time together and it’s not easy keeping a normal relationship when they are on tour constantly.