Elder Scrolls Isn’t Coming Anytime Soon but There’s a Long List of Things People Expect from the Upcoming Title, More Details

Hammerfell should be a great place where the players get to confront this enemy, hopefully keeping in mind that there aren’t any dragons to deal with. It is a diverse region with deserts, mountain ranges, grasslands and cities as well. It should be a promising location offering dozens of hours of exploration.

Meanwhile, Akavir is a continent located across the sea, to the east and it comprises of four-warring races, the monkey-like Tang Mo, the demonic Kamal, the feline Ka’Po’Tun, and the vampiric Tsaesci. The player character could be a soldier marooned in any of these locations during an invasion conducted by the Empire.

At the same time, Yokuda is the source of one of the largest mysteries of Nim and it serves as the ancestral home of the Redguard. Some believe that a disaster caused by earthquakes or magic caused a major part of the continent to sink into the ocean.

In Elder Scrolls 6, the player could return to this ruined continent in a more modern era or live through the events leading to its ruination. The exciting fact is that Bethesda has revealed very little about this continent and as a result, it is a blank slate for gamers so far.

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