Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review and Comparison with Nubia Z9!

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and how it poses a serious threat to the present generation iPhones and also perhaps the only threat. Samsung took a lot of decisions this year, some of which ended up breaking a lot of hearts but overall, the company has taken some brave initiatives this year.

For example, the removed all traces of removable batteries and expandable memory slots from their Galaxy S range of smartphones. Some of the broken-hearted fans reacted angrily but Samsung has logic behind every move they make.

In the meantime, Note 5 won’t be coming to the UK at all and it didn’t add any user access to the battery or a card slot as well. Keeping in mind that the Galaxy Note is an enthusiast product, this can be considered as a rather dismal move.

These features were essential on a device like that. As a result, it’s best that we stop trying to decipher the logic behind these moves made by Samsung and just go with it.

According to a company executive, Samsung has figured out that people are actually looking for big-sized devices but not a lot of features with it. This is why they have released the Edge+ for people who want a larger S6 device but not with the added functionalities of the Note 5.

As a strategy, this does make sense but people do miss the Galaxy Note like it was before. The handset comes with bigger screen, greater power and some neat features which prove that it is one of the best handsets out there. Design-wise, this phone is a great spectacle.

The metal frame is curved from a glass front and the stylish glass back is quite stylish and great. The gold variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ looks exquisite and stunning. However, keep in mind that the metallic colors like gold and silver display a lot of fingerprints and the black color does this as well.

At the same time, the weight of this device appears encouraging as well. The device is simply right and the balance is best. When you hold it on one hand and even close to the bottom, it doesn’t feel at all slippery.

This clearly shows that this phone is worth the style it comes with. Compared to the smaller S6 models, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ doesn’t have a greatly improved fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner works perfectly and easily recognizes your touch input.

It is brilliant and greatly comparable to the iPhone 6 scanner, but the recently unveiled 6S is supposed to further improve details. Keep in mind that the fingerprint sensor is now more important than ever because Samsung devices need to support Samsung Pay and Android Pay as both of them are starting their global rollout.

Having the presence of a fingerprint scanner is highly useful in these technologies. People, who loved the Apple Pay feature and waited for Android to bring out its own counterpart, will love the new features. Meanwhile, recent trends indicate that Android will definitely increase its reliance on the fingerprint scanners, so having a good one really counts.