Elder Scrolls Isn’t Coming Anytime Soon but There’s a Long List of Things People Expect from the Upcoming Title, More Details

There are a lot of things that gamers wish to witness in the next installment of Elder Scrolls. Since there is no news regarding the upcoming title, people are inventing their own theories and rumors regarding what they would like to see in Elder Scrolls 6. Pete Hines, Bethesda’s Executive.

Producer clearly outlined the fact that they are not thinking about releasing it anytime soon as they primarily wish to concentrate on Fallout 4 for now. According to him, they already introduced Elder Scrolls Online and as a result, they don’t feel like releasing Elder Scrolls 6 very soon.

People who are familiar with Bethesda’s way of releasing games should know the fact that they work on one particular title at a time. Considering the fact that their games are quite successful, it has been a successfully proven strategy so far. Meanwhile, Metro noted that there is only a 100 and few staff working on its various projects.

However, it is sure that Elder Scrolls 6 or Skyrim 2 as some are calling it will definitely arrive but probably in the next couple of years or so. Further, speculations indicate that the company isn’t sure whether it wants to start working on Elder Scrolls 6 right away, after finishing up with Fallout 4.

As a result, fans are advised to enjoy some other game or concentrate more on Elder Scrolls Online till Elder Scrolls 6 finally releases. At the same time, like most other fans, you can also list all the stuff that you’d like to see in the upcoming game and hope that it’s picked up by Bethesda and incorporated in their next game.

For example, Gaming Bolt suggested that Bethesda should leave out the class systems that were present in Skyrim. According to the site, some people wanted the class system to be included while a lot of others were quite pleased with the ability to upgrade any kind of skills they desired.

It further added that the class system started in Skyrim and if the next title is indeed another Skyrim installment, then that is where they should stop introducing the class system. In short, an ‘End it where it all began policy’ should be considered.

Another suggestion wanted the combat system to be improved by making it intuitive and powerful like the game’s exquisitely designed shouts. MoviePilot further wanted the guilds to be tweaked along with the artificial intelligence. Moreover, in order to add a different flavor to the depressing landscape of Skyrim, Elsweyr and Valenwood should also be carried over to the next game.

Meanwhile, there are some fascinating places that players would like to visit in Elder Scrolls 6. The series has taken us in many exciting locations like snowy landscapes of Skyrim and the drab Ashlands of Morrowind. However, Elder Scrolls comprises a vast world and we’ve only seen a fraction.

However, there are many other locations that players would simply love to experience in Elder Scrolls 6. They don’t necessarily need to be the central setting of a game since they might not be able to support a story on their own. However, they can easily be showcased as exotic locations which have the capability to offer epic stories and side quests in Elder Scrolls 6.

The Aldmeri Dominion is a powerful empire of Elves that was introduced to Skyrim players and they presently dominate the continent of Tamriel. In the upcoming Elder Scrolls game, this group of racist, egotistical Elves who wish to control the world should be the primary enemy.