Elder Scrolls 6 Will Release in 2019, Gamers Hope Some of the Hilarious Skyrim Mods Make It to the Next Installment, And More

On the other hand, Crossmap decided to interpret what was said by Pete Hines and declared that Elder Scrolls 6 is indeed under development, but it’s totally under wraps at the moment. According to Pete Hines, Bethesda doesn’t “publish to scale, we try to publish to quality.”

Meanwhile, Skyrim has one of the most dedicated and talented modding communities and some of these mods are quite revolutionary in nature. Before Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6 releases, there are quite a few mods that fans need to check out and hope that they are included in the upcoming installment.

For instance, Snoopey0 has a mod which changes every mudcrab in Skyrim into a Zoidberg.  It is indeed beautiful and if you decided to combine it with the No Spider mod of FancyPantz, you will literally laugh your ass off!

Meanwhile, you don’t need Dragons in Elder Scrolls 6 when you can have the terrifying whistle of Thomas the Tank Engine, thanks to Nexus user, Trainwiz. Combine this with a mod which results in 50 dragons attacking you at the same time, and voila! Hilarity Achievement Unlocked!

Stay tuned for more updates on Elder Scrolls 6!