Elder Scrolls 6 Will Release in 2019, Gamers Hope Some of the Hilarious Skyrim Mods Make It to the Next Installment, And More

Some people are saying that Elder Scrolls Online is dying and a new installment should offer the much-needed refreshment this franchise needs. Sadly, most of the present reports are indicating exactly the opposite.

According to them, Elder Scrolls 6 is quite far away, and will probably release sometime in 2019, instead of the highly speculated 2016 release. Crossmap further explained that Bethesda makes it a point to release an Elder Scrolls installment every four years and Online was actually scheduled for 2015.

Following that trend, Elder Scrolls 6 should be releasing in 2019. However, Bethesda is yet to confirm the release date or even whether they are currently developing Elder Scrolls 6. However, Pete Hines of Bethesda Softworks indicated that Elder Scrolls 6 is currently under development.

He further mentioned that it is quite rare for developers to have franchises like that of Elder Scrolls. The fact that people are currently joking about the release of Skyrim 2 is a further exciting topic. However, fans need to know that any other company would be happy to churn out a sequel every one or two years but things are quite different in the case of Bethesda.

Considering his opinion and view on this matter, Pete Hines is actually right. There’s no use bringing out a game within a short period of time, just to oblige the gamers.

These kinds of games end up being riddled with bugs, issues and glitches which is not at all appreciated by hardcore fans and ardent gamers worldwide.

He further added that they are not the kind of publisher that focuses on ‘our 25 titles for 2015’. Discussions like these have sparked rumors that Elder Scrolls 6 will release in the future but it will take some time. Furthermore, people are speculating whether it will be a different game or be similar to that of Skyrim.

The franchise could take any possible turn, but reports indicate that it won’t be releasing in the next two years. So, people who were really hyped about an Elder Scrolls release this year or the next, are in for a major bout of disappointment.

However, Bethesda is one of those companies that aim for quality and as a result; it is natural to expect that it will take a long time to develop Elder Scrolls 6. Thankfully, with the timeframe lengthened, the next installment will have lesser bugs and glitches, compared to the earlier installments in this franchise.

When Skyrim was launched, Bethesda suffered from a lot of problems and they certainly appeared to be completely unavoidable. According to Gaming Bolt, when Elder Scrolls 6 is finally released by Bethesda, it should be free of any issues, bugs and glitches.

Even if 100% efficiency is not possible, a simple patch should be enough to fix all the bugs present in the title. Keep in mind that Fallout 4 was a highly-rumored title with some people even giving up any hope of ever witnessing it in person. Thankfully, Bethesda managed to surprise gamers and Fallout 4 will finally release on November 10, next month.

Yibada reports that Ubisoft recently conducted a survey where gamers were asked about the soon-to-be-released titles that they were really excited about. Elder Scrolls 6 or Skyrim 2 emerged as the most hyped and popular title, being expected by the gamers.

According to reports from Parent Herald, Elder Scrolls 6 is meant to be seen online and fans will most likely have the opportunity to experience it in 2019.

This was actually deduced by following Bethesda’s trend of releasing games. Rest assured that the 2016 release window for Elder Scrolls 6 has now been expunged and gamers should expect a 2019 release date.