Elder Scrolls 6 Likely to Focus More on the Story, Rumors Indicate A 2019 Release!

However, the Elder Scrolls fans are all clamoring for the next big thing and it should happen really soon. The vast and easily traversable open-world setting has always been a major attraction in Elder Scrolls. Along with that, the player has to make their way in the world at their very own pace.

However, what would happen if they changed their approach in how they design their games in the first place. What this means is that instead of making open-world games, what if Bethesda focused on narrative and characterization.

You can think of it like Mass Effect or Witcher 2. We could explore the world prominently and it would still be focused upon very much.

However, at the same time, the game would lay a greater emphasis on telling a story and the game would be properly designed around that expectation. With this approach, Bethesda can give rise to a lot of exciting possibilities.

A rich lore has already been crafted by Bethesda in the world of Tamriel and with a game focused on story, that same lore could be beautifully outlined and discussed. Moreover, the game which is focused on telling a story would not have to stay limited to just one locale in Tamriel. This has traditionally been the case with the franchise but that can change.

Stay tuned for more updates on Elder Scrolls 6!