The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC to Release Soon, New Region and Creatures to Be Added Through the New Expansion Pack!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a dark fantasy open-world role playing game that has been developed by CD Projekt RED. The announcement for the game was made in 2013 and it was rolled out to the markets in 2015. It is the third iteration in the Witcher series of video games.

The game is set to receive a brand new expansion pack in the near future and it has been titled- Blood and Wine. The exact release date for the DLC has not been announced by CD Projekt RED, however, a number of rumors are gradually building up on the internet regarding this upcoming DLC.

Apparently, a new region will be incorporated into the game through the expansion pack. This area will be quite large and reports state that it will be called Toussaint. It will reportedly have the size of the Skellige Isles combined from the base game.

The information came via an interview of CD Projekt RED that was done by GameStar. The interview itself was in German language. However, it was translated to English by a Reddit user. The Skellige Isles are actually a group of six islands that can be found off the coast of Verden and Cidaris.

The Toussaint region will have the total area of all these six islands combined. It is a known fact that the Skellige Isles cover a lot of area and players have to spend a considerable amount of time to explore the whole area.

Since Toussaint will be as large as Skellige Isles, it is most likely that around 20 to 24 hours of additional gameplay will be added to The Witcher 3 via the Blood and Wine DLC. Reports also suggest that the DLC will be bring about an improvement in the graphics department of the game.

The last released DLC for the game was Hearts of Stone and it too brought some new regions to the game. However, the regions that will be introduced by the Blood and Wine DLC will have better graphics than those previously added regions.

That apart, a new Gwent Skellige deck will be introduce to the game via the update. Jamie Bury, the senior animator of the Blood and Wine DLC was recently interviewed regarding the upcoming expansion pack. During the interview, Bury stated that the expansion pack will also bring forth some new creatures to the game.

However, he did not divulge details about the new monsters or how many of them are to be added via the update. He did mention that the upcoming update will bring forth new enemies that players will have to face off against once it is rolled out.

Apparently, the developers have been wanting to incorporate new creatures into the game for quite some time and it will be finally done via the upcoming DLC. He then went on to discuss about his experience on working on a game as big as The Witcher 3.

He stated- “The tone of the world and the fancy world that Geralt lives in, these are really affecting the animation. Especially with things like the community, when you have people walking around washing clothing, we need for the animation to make these characters feel like they are not happy. They are not having happy lives. They’re not living in nice palaces. They’re kind of miserable in everyday life.”

Design&Trend reports that the developers might drop a trailer for the expansion pack on May 10. The site reports that a popular Slavic gaming site by the name of Sector has hinted towards this possibility.

It was reported that that the gaming site was present at a CD Projekt RED presentation. However, the site cannot reveal any information related to the upcoming expansion pack before May 10 as there is an embargo in effect till that date.