Dying Light ‘The Following’ DLC Release Date Unannounced!

It is working and people are resorting to rumors and speculations on the internet to dig up anything new involving the release of “The Following” DLC.

Although Techland decided not to provide the release date, it compensated for it, by sending out teaser images and new video footage which showcases all the major highlights of the upcoming expansion, titled ‘The Following’.

The new DLC will bring out a lot of content involving new gear and weapons while expanding the content in the title. The DLC comes with a really interesting add-on which is using the dune buggy as a weapon. Players can further design and equip the buggy as they find fit.

At the same time, the Dune Buggy can also be used as a ferry so that players can be easily transported all across the game world in a more comfortable and faster fashion. In this particular mode, you will have the opportunity to ram a zombie head-on; however it is not guaranteed that you can take out an entire horde of zombies in this manner.

Express UK reports that Techland is actually looking for fans that will help them design some of the missions in the expansion pack that is coming soon.

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