Scorpion Season 2: Secret Mission and Romances, CBS Plans A 90 Minute Episode!

The previous episode of Scorpion Season 2 saw the team go ahead on a secret mission. They get together with Homeland Security and Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) and Walter O’Brien (Elyes Gabel) go underwater in a submarine. However things get messy when the submarine goes south in international and it’s a race against time to safe them and the rest of the team.

The start of the episode sees Deputy Director Katherine Cooper (Peri Gilpin) ask Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick), Walter and Happy to come along with her to get inducted into a secret mission. Even though Homeland Liaison Cooper doesn’t tell them what the mission is, Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) figures out what the mission is about from the clues and contexts in Cooper’s words.

The mission involved that Walter and Happy go down on a submarine to identify an object at the ocean floor of the Pacific that was tapping into a secure line between the US and the Chinese government. Walter starts hacking into the mainframe of the object with the help of a device created by Happy, but he realizes that they are being led into a trap.

Before Walter can inform Nathan that the object explodes and causes the submarine to sink. Thanks to the earpieces that they are still wearing, Toby figures out the exact location of the submarine and sends rescue teams to get them.

The near death experience brought out a lot of emotion in Scorpion Season 2. While planning the escape, Walter and Happy ponder about how much they have changed because of working for Scorpion. They also contemplate that Toby has often used them as emotionless robots.

Walter also realizes that emotions aren’t always a bad thing to deal with and in the spur of the moment speaks out his feelings for Paige (Katharine McPhee). Paige also confesses that she feels for Walter, but they decide that they should be adults and mature and keep their feelings aside and remain colleagues.

They say mothers known it all and this is exactly what is going to happen in Scorpion Season 2. Walter’s mother, played by Pamela Shafer will realize that Paige has feelings for her son. Mrs. O’Brien will see through the exterior that the two are maintaining and will realize that Paige is the girl for whom his son has feelings. Mrs. O’Brien talks to Pamela and tells her that Walter is messed up when it comes to emotions and Paige needs to know that before she can decide on anything.

Design and Trend reports that the O’Brien’s are going to come down to Los Angeles because of a family crisis and it might be something to do with Walter’s sister Megan (Camille Guaty). Walter has introduced his sister to his team and Megan has also fallen in love with the mathematical genius Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham).

Scorpion isn’t just about the missions and the drama. Scorpion Season 2 is also focused on the romance. Apart from Walter and Paige, there is the romance that is developing between Megan and Sylvester. We also see that Toby isn’t pleased with Happy spending a lot of time with a new guy.

He even offers to teach her how to wire a dollhouse after learning about a childhood incident from Happy’s father Patrick Quinn (Jamie McShane). However, things don’t look too good for Toby since Happy is more inclined about continuing with the new friend that she has met.