Scorpion Season 2: Secret Mission and Romances, CBS Plans A 90 Minute Episode!

Seeing the kind of popularity Scorpion Season 2 has gathered, CBS has decided to come up with a 90-minute episodes for the viewers. The episode will be an interesting one since the team of Scorpion head to the Middle East and go undercover.

A recent photo that was released from the set showed the team dressed in superhero costumes. CBS has released a synopsis for the upcoming episode, which states that the team of Scorpion will go along with the cast and crew members of a film called Super Fun Guy to Kazakhstan and try to stop the terrorist from selling a Soviet nuclear missile.

Scorpion Season 2 has garnered a lot of viewers because of the heady mix of adventure and humor that the show encases. The show follows a format that is very common on television, but what makes it different from the rest is the way in which it handles everything and the humor that it infuses in the most serious situation.

While talking in an interview, the executive producer Nicholas Wootton informed that series tries to bring into the picture the two sides of the whole Scorpion team. They are brilliant when it comes to their profession, but when it comes to their personal life, things ago haywire.

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