Duck Dynasty Season 9: John and Mary Kate Hitched, Rumor Suggests Season 9 Is Being Filmed, No Official Word Yet, More Details

While the network hasn’t made an official announcement about Duck Dynasty Season 9 there are reports that suggest that upcoming season is already being filmed. There are reports that the cast and crew of Duck Dynasty have been filming in and about Lynchburg.

Hill City and Liberty University campus has become the spot for the shoot of some episode season 9 as reports suggest. According to the Liberty university website, it seems like the spot was used to film the last episode of Duck Dynasty Season 9.

There are speculations that Season 9 is a typographical error and should actually be Season 8. However, without any official words on the same, fans are happy to hope that the cast and crew have already started filming the next season.

With John Luke and Mary Kate married, Duck Dynasty Season 9 is likely to revolve around the new couple and see how they get used to married life. The new couple has already gathered a lot of fans with the wedding photos that they have been sharing on the social media.

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