PES 2016 Has Been Proved the Better Title at Gamescom, Graphics and Gameplay Smoother than You Can Imagine, More Details

The demo for PES 2016 is finally available on consoles like Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3. PES had an amazing performance at Gamescom and without a doubt it seems to have crushed the upcoming FIFA game this year. Konami has been selling their updated features for quite some time now and a lot of people were quite skeptical about it.

Are there any issues coming up when they start holding an actual controller in-hand? According to Kenny McDonnell of Movie Pilot, he spent quite some time playing the FIFA 16 demo at the Gamescom conference and the outcome was a shockingly underwhelming.

With the new gameplay style, PES 2016 feels like a much fresher and advanced title. At Gamescom, PES 2016 resulted being the more enjoyable football simulation game among the two. However, deducing something like that, this far from the release date is quite difficult. However, that being said, the PES 2016 demo that was showcased this year, clearly outlines some major improvements which can make it a great contender in 2015.

Now, there arises a question about console performance as well. PS4 is undoubtedly the more superior platform when compared to Xbox One, Therefore, it waits to be seen how this title performs on the Xbox One. In terms of initial impressions, you won’t notice anything out-of-the-ordinary with the PES menu system.

However, the developers have always kind of promoted PES customization. For example, right from the very beginning, you can create your own crazy way to play this game and that includes calibrating the manual control you have over shots and passes. You also get the option of 8 teams among which 2 are national, two kits, two stadiums, two weather options.

There is also a control over grass length along with additional options. In terms of graphics and animation, you will notice a lot of emotion in PES 2016. The graphics have been improved to next-generation territory with more fluidic body animations, better high-definition faces, and also an amazing close-up detail on various features.

Earlier, both FIFA 2015 and PES 2015 felt like last-generation games in terms of their graphical aspects and it’s a delight to notice how both these titles have evolved since then. The movement of players in PES 2016 is quite impressive and it is great to see how Konami has included the small details.

One of the great things you will notice is how the player glances at the ball from a direction and the way he looks at the goal before shooting at it. With the constant maintenance of eye-contact with their goals, they seem quite aware of their surroundings.

Meanwhile, when you are making the move from FIFA to PES, the first experience can be a bit overwhelming. The controls are quite confusing, the game feels rather strange and the animations seem quite different from what it used to be on FIFA. However, one thing that you will definitely love is how fluidic the gameplay is.

You can customize the game to your heart’s content and at the same time, gain a great degree of control over your gameplay. You will easily start admiring the intuitive way in which you can swap between players. In case of FIFA 16, it is still frustrating to figure out the player you are switching to.