Duck Dynasty Season 9: John and Mary Kate Hitched, Rumor Suggests Season 9 Is Being Filmed, No Official Word Yet, More Details

Duck Dynasty Season 8 has suddenly becoming a biggie when it comes to TRP in cable network. The season finale of the A&E show raked in the highest rating so far in the season finale of the eighth season.

The episode showed John Luke, the eldest son of Willie and Korie Robertson get married to his fiancée Mary Kate McEacharn. The event took place at the Robertson’s farmhouse and there were millions watching them on television.

Nielson reported that the television reality show enjoyed 1.04 rating among viewers aged between 18 and 49. Reports suggest that over 3.25 million viewers were watching John and Mary getting hitched.

This one episode was enough to push Duck Dynasty to the #2 rank behind Big Brother on television when it comes to reality TV shows. This was the best rating that the show had enjoyed so far this season since the Duck Dynasty Season 6 finale in August 2014.

Duck Dynasty is an entertaining show and with every episode there are new stories that come up. The last episode of Duck Dynasty Season 8 saw the young couple tie the knot. The Robertsons are very particular about marriage and the wedding as expected was a gala event.

The whole family was there and they shared stories about the marriages of the other members of the family. The episode started off with the video showing Luke inform his family that the girl he wishes to marry has accepted his proposal.

What follows is sheer excitement with the family members thoroughly pleased with what they find out. The episode moves to the day prior to the wedding when the groom, 19 year old John Luke is expected to be quiet and sombre, focused on getting ready for the next day.

The 19 year old young man has agreed to give up on his man bun for the wedding ceremony stating that he has realised that marriage is about compromise and he is ready to sacrifice on his man bun for a lifetime of happiness with the woman of his dreams.

Mary Kate on the other hand has trouble zeroing down on her wedding dress. She doesn’t seem to like anything that she sees. In order to help her out, the women all wear their dresses for the wedding. The Atlanta based wedding designer who has come to help the bride out for her wedding, finally helps her find out the perfect ensemble for the wedding day and she is good to go.

The wedding is a gala event with the whole family present on the occasion. There is fear that the wedding reception might be spoilt by the impending rain shower, but luckily the cloud holds up and it turns out to be a perfect evening for all those present there.

Willie Robertson officiates the ceremony and in spite of promising his wife that he will not cry, is unable to stop his tears from rolling down while performing the wedding rituals of his eldest son and the love of his life.

John Luke and Mary Kate McEarcharn were married on the 27th of June, but given the lag in the screening of the show, the video that was recorded on the same day was finally shown on the last episode.

Duck Dynasty Season 9 hasn’t been confirmed by A&E yet, but it looks like the next season is going to see the light of the day. Duck Dynasty Season 8 enjoyed a good run with the viewers and given the kind of TRP the last episode saw there are high chances of the series getting renewed for the next season.