Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Developer to Be Present at Japan Expo 2016, Trailer Shows the Death of Goku’s Father!

A particular thing that has come to the attention of fans are the words- “Outcomes you wished were Different.” Fans have started wondering as to what it might mean. Some are of the opinion that players will have to go up against the heroes in the game. Apparently, they will be standing side by side with the villains to fight off the protagonists.

Three of the antagonists that the game will feature has been revealed from the trailer and they are- Lord Slug, Turles, and Zarbon.

Readers can check out the video here.

The game is currently in its developmental stages and rumors have it that it is being developed in Osaka, Japan. It will be much more advanced than its predecessor in every way.

Developers will be making use of the full potential of the current gen hardware to improve the game. It is being dubbed as the most expensive Dragon Ball video game till date.

Bandai Namco will be taking the veils off of the game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 event which is scheduled to be held in Los Angeles, California. The event will kick-off on June 14 and will continue till June 16.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.