Dragon Age: Inquisition Provides Players with Chances to Get Bonus Loot Chests While Rocky Jumping Side Quest Is Revealed!

The Community-earned victory chests won’t be rewarded until after the event finishes. Gamers are reporting that each commendation chest should be provided while the weapon objective finishes. In the meantime, players can check out their commendation chest progress located in the challenges menu of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Meanwhile, single player gamers should be excited as a new hidden-quest has been recently found. The details regarding the hidden quest and the hidden reward include a guide on how to find and finish it.

Recently, a BioWare employee talked to Unseen64 regarding a wild, lengthy and hidden Dragon Age: Inquisition side quest. In order to start this quest, the players need to travel to Emerald Graves and move on to a certain rock. The players need to jump on this rock around 50 times or keep jumping until the ‘Crystal Grace’ quest is given.

The quest will take players to the Hinterlands in order to collect some rare flowers. Once, all the flowers have been collected the player needs to get back to Emerald Graves in order to finish the quest. Players will gain some experience and the developer further indicated that a secret chest will appear somewhere within the game.

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