HTC One M9: Flawless Design, Intricate Craftsmanship and Superior Performance Fused Together!

The big moment has finally arrived! There is good news for all you HTC lovers out there, as the latest flagship smartphone from the Taiwanese giant has just arrived! Yes, we are talking about the much-awaited HTC One M9, which was recently showcased at a press conference in Barcelona, and is expected to hit the shelves at a retailer near you on the 31st of March!

However, if you’ve been hoping to catch up on some major changes on the device, you will be disappointed, as the One M9 does not feature many drastic changes, as compared to the previous flagships. However, HTC has carefully planned and carried out some important changes to the device that will enhance user experience by quite a margin!

HTC is one of those companies that listen to their customers’ plight and recommendations while working on R&D. As a result, their updated smartphones rectify the errors plaguing its predecessors, and the One M9 is no different. The device is powered by an upgraded processor, features an updated camera while numerous key adjustments have been made to the software.

The designers have also worked on the overall look and feel of the device, which is now more sophisticated than ever before. HTC has re-imagined the art of designing, which, as a result, has given rise to a new generation of smartphones, featuring better hardware and more capable software with improved battery backup.

HTC had confirmed a 32GB variant of the phone while the product was showcased earlier. However, recent rumors suggest that it might not be the only variant available. According to a reliable source, HTC is working on a 64GB variant as well, although, it will be available across select markets only. Further details on the topic are currently unavailable, as HTC is yet to make a formal announcement.

Some of the major design changes on the HTC One M9 include the re-contoured rear and side panels, which are ergonomically superior. HTC has also implemented a scratch-resistant coating on the front end of the device. HTC has borrowed design cues from luxury watchmakers and has used a two-tone metal design on the body panels. The timeless Silver and golden combination has been used.