Downton Abbey Season 6: Julian Fellowes Talks about Fulfilling Fan Expectations, Matthew Goode Is Set To Return, And More!

There were sightings of the cast in wedding finery and this has given rise to speculation that Downton Abbey Season 6 will see a wedding taking place. Fans are speculating that it is likely to be the wedding between Mr. Carson (Jim Carter) and Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan).

Their relationship has been a long one and the two should be allowed to be together. With the series ending, fans would want an answer as to whether these two are finally going to settle down.

Digital Spy has reported that Lily James might not be a part of Downton Abbey Season 6 given her involvement in Hollywood. There are reports that Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden) is keen on being a part of the final season. Fans will have to wait and watch to see if he is indeed a part of the season.

Downton Abbey is going to release in UK in 2016. American audience will get to watch it later next year. Fans are expecting a Christmas Special that will bring their favorite show to an end.

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