Downton Abbey Season 5 Sees A Fall In TRP, Movie Plan Is In The Horizon, And More

Neame has speculated that Downton Abbey Season 6 might take place in America. He said that he could easily imagine the Crawley family in America with a few episodes based in New York or Boston. His has made the fans hopeful that Leach and James might come back for the last season.

Downton Abbey Season 5 had introduced two new characters to play the love interest for Lady Mary and Lady Edith and this season we will see whether these two finally get the happiness and love that they deserve.

Even though Downton Abbey enjoys a large viewership around the world, Season 5 wasn’t very popular. The fifth season saw the TRP fall from 13.3 million viewers for Season 4 to 12.9 million in the last season. Critics claim that the fall in TRP is because of the main characters leaving after their contracts are getting over and also the cumbersome and slow plot.

Fans are, however, not ready to accept this. They feel that the fall in TRP is because the fans were Downton Abbey Season 5 online, and this impacted the television viewership rating. PBS has reported that there was 13% increase in online streaming of the show.