Doctor Strange: Rachel McAdams Excited About Working with Cumberbatch, Rumors about Mad Mikkelsen!

Fans are still trying to figure out which role Rachel McAdams is going to star in. Tilda Swinton is set to play the role of the mentor Ancient One while Chiwetel Ejiofor is set to play the nemesis of Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo. There are speculations that Rachel McAdams might be Clea, who is Doctor Strange’s love interest, similar to the characters of Mary Jane and Lois in the other superhero movies.

According to VC Post, Clea is a very powerful sorceress and apart from being the inheritor of the Dark Dimension, she is also the niece of Dormammu. Clea belongs to the extra dimensional world that holds Doctor Strange’s arch rival Dormammu. Dormammu is an omnipotent magician who controls the world around him with an iron fist.

Rachel McAdams first informed The Wrap that she will be in Doctor Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch and seemed rather excited with the fact that the British actor is going to be with her in the film. There are rumors suggesting that McAdams might also star in the role of the Night Nurse who helped Doctor Strange find the cure to treat Wong’s cancer.

There are reports that Marvel has approached Hannibal star Mad Mikkelsen to play the role of Dormammu, but Franchise Herald has reported that Marvel has still not offered him the role of the power sorcerer and are still very tight-lipped about his involvement in Doctor Strange.

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