Doctor Strange: Bringing in The Darker Side to Marvel, Spider-Man Rumored to Be a Part of the Film!

There is another rumor circulating about the upcoming Doctor Strange movie that has gotten fans very excited. Louis D’Esposito shared some images from the site of the movie to give the fans a hint of what they can expect and one photo in particular stole the show.

The photo showed Tom Holland, the actor who is set to play the role of Spider-Man in Marvel’s upcoming film on the web-swinging super hero, on the sets of Doctor Strange. The photo started rumors among Tom Holland’s fans that the actor is going to be a part of the Doctor Strange movie where he will be appearing in a cameo.

According to Christian Post there are has been no confirmation about this report from Marvel, but fans are hopeful that since there was no denial from the studio there are chances that Spider-Man will be in Doctor Strange.

The next question that fans are trying to find out are whether Spider-Man will be fighting the evil with Doctor Strange or whether he will be pitted against him.

This conjecture isn’t completely baseless since avid fans of the comic book will recount that Doctor Strange had a profound impact on Spider-Man after the Civil War. With Spider-Man set to be a part of Civil War, it is likely that he might be made to be a part of Doctor Strange as well.

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