Avril Lavigne: Spotted with Chad Kroeger, Rumor About Ryan Cabrera, Collaborates with Nick Carter!

The rumor mill has started rolling after Avril Lavigne and ex-husband, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger were spotted coming out of the Sunset Marquis in Los Angeles late on Thursday night. The two had been married since 2012 when they finally decided to end their relationship in September this year.

This spotting of Avril Lavigne with her husband has started rumors online. There are major speculations that the two might be coming back together. However, the two didn’t look like a couple and they have always been best of friends and it isn’t unnatural for two friends to hang out together on a weekday night.

The fans were devastated with Avril Lavigne breaking up with her husband, but the two have continued to remain very good friends and Avril Lavigne have posted a lot of photos on Instagram of the two of them jamming together.

Avril Lavigne was spotted wearing a gray onesie from Oncepiece. She had on a pair of black and green high tops and had her blonde hair swept on one side. She had minimal make-up on and looked laidback and relaxed.

Chad Kroeger had come out in normal black and grey plaid shirt with a white tee inside and regular black pants. E! Online reported that the former couple didn’t shy away from the media and Avril Lavigne even stopped to sign autographs before getting inside the passenger seat of Chad Kroeger’s car and driving away.

The couple have been very good friends and they announced the news of their separation online. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger came out to state that they have decided to end their marriage with a heavy heart.

They went on to add that they will forever continue to be best of friends and will love and care for each other. The two said that they have created a lot of lasting memories not just in their marriage, but also with their music and will continue doing so.

The fans of Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne are hoping that there is something developing between the two again that will get them to come back together. There are rumors that Avril Lavigne and Ryan Cabrera are becoming more than just good friends and fans are not very sure about who is the next man in Avril Lavigne’s life.

There are reports suggesting that Ryan Cabrera and Avril Lavigne have moved on from being just friends, but the two of them have maintained that they are just very good friends and room-mates and nothing more.

It was Ryan Cabrera who went on Twitter to clear the rumors circulating between Avril and him and said asked the fans not to pay heed to any online rumors.

Avril Lavigne had been off the radar for a while since she was battling Lyme disease. The actress came out recently to share her experience. Avril Lavigne was diagnosed with Lyme disease soon after Chad Kroeger and she decided to end their relationship. She had a tough time where she said that none of the doctors could figure out what was her ailment.

Avril Lavigne spoke out to People Magazine and said that the doctors after checking her would say that she was depressed and hence her body was reacting in this manner. They asked her to work on her music and play the piano, but nothing seemed to work out.