Doctor Strange: Bringing in The Darker Side to Marvel, Spider-Man Rumored to Be a Part of the Film!

Doctor Strange is one of the most anticipated Marvel release. Marvel had already revealed that the film will be nothing like the other films that the viewers have seen from their Cinematic Universe. Each of their films is becoming a platform for sequels and Doctor Strange for one is going to be a story of an origin.

Given that Benedict Cumberbatch is set to make an appearance as Doctor Strange, the film is already creating a huge buzz. Also starring with him are Tilda Swinton and Rachel McAdams. While the other Marvel movies have focused on fights and superheroes, Doctor Strange is going to have a heady mix of the magical and mystical along with it.

Doctor Strange opens with the story of Dr. Stephen Strange one of the best surgeons in the world who meets with a car accident and leaves his good hand useless. In a search to find a cure for his hand so that he can get back to his practice, Stephen Strange meets The Ancient One.

She treats his hand and also ends up imparting sorcery and magical skills to him. Stephen becomes the one person who possesses the power to save the world from the evil sorcerers and he is assigned his new role by The Ancient One.

Unlike the other films from Marvel that are based on science, Doctor Strange derives its story from the world of magical and supernatural. For this particular film, Marvel has to start from the scratch and they have to build an entire world for the reader.

Keeping this task at hand, Marvel has roped in Scott Derrickson as the director while C. Robert Cargill has been brought in as the writer. Both of them have background steeped in horror films and this makes it very evident that Doctor Strange is going to herald in a world of dark supernaturalism in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Cheat Sheet has reported that Marvel Studios is looking to give a wholesome movie experience to their viewers and they do not want them to be stagnated with only superhero movies. Films like Doctor Strange, being very different from the regular films from the studio will give the studio the much needed change.

Marvel has been very tightlipped about the plot for Doctor Strange and this has never stopped and never will stop fans from speculating. According to Movie Pilot, Doctor Strange will start with the original story, but will then take off to follow the story The Oath.

The main reason for this deduction is that both Linda Carter aka Night Nurse and Nicodemus West are in the plot for the movie. There are rumors that Rachel McAdams is going to play the role of Night Nurse while Michael Stuhlbarg will be Doctor Strange’s colleague and current enemy Nicodemus West.

The Oath is believed to be the one story that brings out the real nature of Doctor Strange and hence would be the perfect pick for the first film on the sorcerer. The story follows Doctor Strange trying to investigate the theft of the elixir that he had got from the other realm to cure his man servant Wong.

The thief turns out to be Doctor Strange’s ex-colleague Nicodemus West who had also trained with The Ancient One, but had abandoned his training to get himself involved with a rogue pharmaceutical company.