Dishonored 2 Details TBA at E3 2015, Predecessor Declared Free on the PlayStation Plus!

One of the primary attributes of Dishonored was its distinct art-style, and it seems like Arkane Studios will keep it in the sequel in order to reinforce familiarity and the traditional feel among gamers. The latest reports suggest that Dishonored 2 will have a gameplay similar to its predecessor, especially involving the role-playing elements responsible for the tremendous success of this franchise.

As a result, you gain the ability of leveling-up the power of your playable characters while non-linear consequences affect you after every moral decision taking while playing. Familiarity with the gameplay will be an advantage to Dishonored 2. Dishonored received the Best Action Adventure Game for the 2012 Spike Game Video Award along with the Best Game Award from BAFTA, two years back.

We can hope that Arkane and Bethesda are preparing something special for the sequel since it needs to keep up with the tremendous success of its predecessor. Dishonored 2 will continue from the elements showcased in the first game. It will feature mission-focused and self-contained areas with various kinds of exploration options through powers and in-game movement. Like before, the world will have a central hub from where the player draws his support.

Stay tuned for more amazing revelations regarding Dishonored 2!