Left 4 Dead 3 Expected Soon Without the Involvement of Turtle Rock Studios, Players Enjoy Cameos in Dying Light!

Originally it was Turtle Rock who came up with the concept of Left 4 Dead and later it was acquired by Valve. It was the latter who provided them a platform they needed to develop the game to its full potential. The studio kept collaborating with Valve on Left 4 Dead 2 which was a greater level of success compared to its predecessor.

However, there was a controversial announcement and problem with pre-release marketing but that didn’t affect its success at all. Presently Turtle Rock has moved on to different projects and sadly for the fans, there no sign of them returning for a Left 4 Dead 3. Right now, the developers are occupied with Evolve, a title that is quite different from an actual concept in Left 4 Dead. At the same time, it shares a lot of its basic ideas.

Critics have even described it to be sharing the DNA of Turtle Rock’s other title, but it’s evident that the studio wants to break away from the Left 4 Dead style.  Turtle Rock is now solely interested in creating something far more unique.

Furthermore, it’s been working out quite great so far as Evolve is enjoying moderate success in the market. The game’s developer has confirmed the existence of some similarities with the Left 4 Dead franchise. For instance, the tank in Left 4 Dead served as a great inspiration in the total gaming style of Evolve, considering the 4v1 experience.

Meanwhile, will Left 4 Dead 3 borrow a lot of ideas from ‘Evolve’, in spite of the fact that Turtle Rock doesn’t wish to be involved with it anymore? The game industry keeps progressing by borrowing ideas in most cases and enhancing them further. Valve is one of those companies that lay great emphasis on originality and creativity. Hence, we can simply wonder if they’ll ever think of doing something like that.