Left 4 Dead 3 Expected Soon Without the Involvement of Turtle Rock Studios, Players Enjoy Cameos in Dying Light!

Left 4 Dead gamers have been waiting long enough for Valve to make an official announcement on its release date (not to mention Half Life 3!). As a result, gamers have decided to come with their own string of rumors and speculations regarding the possible upcoming launch of Left 4 Dead 3. According to reports from Quik Docs, Valve used a particular level from the game’s earlier version to test the capabilities of the Source 2 Engine.

After doing this, fans expected that Valve would announce something regarding Left 4 Dead 3. Sadly, no official statement was released so far. Another report indicates that Left 4 Dead 3 was in an internal bug tracking database used by Valve. Gamers now suggest that Valve has been using this upcoming title to figure out the features and the true potential of Source Engine 2.

Furthermore, in our earlier report, it was revealed that Gamers saw a reference to Left 4 Dead 3 while playing Dying Light. Dying Light is one big maze of a game with zombies running all around. For gamers to notice something like this is awesome to a great extent! Players found a shop with a sign that says, ‘’Left 4 Bread’’. Was this a ‘bread’ crumb trail for gamers to realize that Left 4 Dead 3 is coming soon? We sure don’t know yet, only Valve does. However, be sure that we’ll keep you posted!

Stay tuned for more updates on Left 4 Dead 3!