Director Brad Bird Starting To Write ‘The Incredibles 2’, New Release Date and Plot Details Revealed!

The film grossed more than 600 million and is currently one of the most successful productions from Pixar. The Incredibles features the story of a family of superheroes, forced to hide their powers and live a quiet life until they are drawn into focus when a villain puts their world at risk. Meanwhile, Bird was quite reluctant to reveal any details regarding the plot. He revealed that his former colleague, JJ Abrams, director of Star Wars and Star Trek sequels had a movie scrapped when the plot became public.

He did Mission Impossible, and one of the producers was JJ Abrams. There he came to know that Abrams had a project cancelled because it leaked too early, and many started judging the thought process of the movie, even before he started making it.

According to him, one has to take this stuff seriously. He further revealed that many scripts are written on red paper, which makes them difficult to be photocopied. He said that it gets quite difficult when everyone out there has a device, capable enough to ruin your movie. The security is quite difficult as red paper prevents photocopying but makes it very difficult to read from while on the set.

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