Deus Ex: New Weapons, Mobile, Strategies, Controversy, Spoilers

Mankind Divide is greater and stronger than Human Revolution regarding gameplay and sound. It’s a double-edged sword regarding the game universe and the narrative and lets the players create their story.

To some players the storyline seems to be lackluster. At parts, the loading speed slows down and the game becomes utterly disappointing.

The game universe is occasionally underwhelming and only gets intriguing after one plays for a considerable time. That is when you discover there is more to the book than the cover, reports the Tech.

Square Enix’s Deus Ex Mankind Divided occupies the top spot in UK’s sales chart, however according to the sales records of the Charts-Track the debut of Deus Ex Human Revolution was much stronger.

Square Enix has announced that Deus Ex Go Ex Go would debut on iOS and Android fronts. The turn-based game will witness Adam Jensen putting to use his fighting skills and augmentation to navigate through intricate mazes and puzzles.

The game nevertheless justifies its title. Will Adam Jensen be able to eradicate inequality from the Deus Ex universe or would the ‘augs’ be gunned down in any random pretext? Or would the ‘augs’ take over the world with a new radical terror group?