Destiny’s Rise of the Iron DLC Will Focus on Newcomers, Xur Could Be Changed in Destiny 2!

They might not have complete expansions, but many core vendors come with side-missions that work on shedding some light on their background and what motivates them. In this aspect, Xur has always remained a sideline but for the original game, this is quite understandable.

With Bungie staying busy with the DLC, Destiny 2 is expected to release sometime next year. Bungie suggests that the sequel will be released in September next year, and it is the same month when the original game was released back in ’14.

It was reported earlier that Destiny is about to receive a reboot due to changes in the staff. Luke Smith, the Taken King director, was chosen to become the head of the project. We have no idea as to what this means for the game but from the looks of it, the schedule will remain unaffected.

Gamers will have to wait for now since Bungie is yet to clarify this issue. In other news, speculations suggest that the game won’t be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 since the latest updates are already exclusive to present generation consoles.

Destiny 2 will release in the same manner and gamers can also expect it to be released on the upcoming PlayStation Neo and Xbox Project Scorpio.

According to Bungie, gamers playing on last-generation consoles will still enjoy Destiny but starting this fall; their journeys will run through a separate course.

Stay tuned for more updates on Destiny 2!