Destiny’s Rise of the Iron DLC Will Focus on Newcomers, Xur Could Be Changed in Destiny 2!

Bungie will be releasing a new DLC for Destiny to celebrate its progress towards the third year. The Rise of the Iron DLC will stress on making the game friendlier to first-timers.

In case you are bad with first-person shooter games, the upcoming Rise of the Iron DLC will help you get used to this particular genre. In the market, we have loads of first-person shooter titles but among them, the hardest is Destiny.

However, in spite of the game’s complexity, it is still one of the best games in the market. The game offers a combination of insane graphics and excellent gameplay but at the same time, it is not an impossible accomplishment. A unique element of Destiny is its graphics. When it comes to graphics, Destiny has won a lot of awards.

The game received 2014 Game of the Year by GamesRadar and Award for the best game by BAFTA. The game is popular among veteran players, but it can be a bit overwhelming to new gamers. Thankfully, Bungie has noticed it. As a result, the upcoming Rise of the Iron DLC will be easier for gamers playing it for the first time.

The upcoming DLC from Bungie will be released to celebrate Destiny’s two-year milestone. Bungie has been taking a lot of time to develop DLC’s for Destiny due to which Destiny 2 has been delayed until next year.

At the same time, the game can be already pre-ordered. Destiny Rise of the Iron DLC’s Executive-in-charge, Scott Taylor, said that newcomers would get a chance to rank-up with it. They can also join other players in an equal manner.

He further added that with Taken King, they had the spark and the character boos. They will be doing similar things to see if people are still like “I want that axe!’ and they can find and use it in the game. According to him, the time is ripe for new players to come in and enjoy the content offered by Destiny and thankfully, there is a LOT of content.

The new space and the overall storyline are great, along with the aesthetic of that place. New fans are going to enjoy it as a great jumping platform. According to him, the makers acknowledge the feedback and try to bring out the best version possible.

They are all gamers and play Destiny. Therefore, they want the game to be great automatically. They do their best to combine various things and bring out the best possible result.

Meanwhile, Xur is one of those mysterious Destiny characters and people know very little about him and whom he serves. According to most players, he is the character that sells exotics. However, there is surely a lot going on with this guy.

Destiny 2 will release sometime in the future, and people are wondering what sort of changes will be made to this character. To flesh out his character in a better manner, things need to be done both mechanically and on a greater scale.

Bungie can easily focus on characters we don’t know much about since the next DLC is set exclusively around Lord Saladin. Now, people are wondering what this could mean for Xur. One of the new stories should revolve around this hooded figure since other vendor characters have received enough of the spotlight.