In The Last Ship, the Crew Is Finally Being Rescued In The Last Ship, the Show Is Heading Into Political Waters in Season 3!

After waiting for weeks, the kidnapped crew members of Nathan James will finally be rescued. Sadly, everyone didn’t return to the ship in one piece. The crew was held hostage by Takehaya (played by Hiroyuki Sanada), the pirate leader and he wanted them for their blood. That is because the crew members have remained immune to the virus which infected the rest of the world.

Obviously, Tom Chandler (played by Eric Dane) came to the rescue. During the rescue attempt, the crew lost three of their members, which includes Petty Officer Cruz, played by Ness Bautista. After the loss of crew, the show maintains a balance of the masterfully crafted action during this season, accompanied by small set pieces.

Last week, the members were restricted to a minefield located at sea. This week, they were contained in a pirate stronghold. When it comes to its sets, The Last Ship always goes huge; however, the show is keeping things small and precise in this season. In the episode’s final scene, Slattery (played by Adam Baldwin) asks about the crew’s kidnappers.

After a wench was thrown into the crew’s rescue plan by the Chinese Secret Service, he has developed new suspicions. The season’s first half is complete, and Tom is trying to find out the source of the recent troubles faced by the crew. From the looks of it, the show is about to go deep into some political conspiracy.

In the upcoming episode 6, named ‘Dog Day’, Chandler will execute his major plan in the third season of this American post-apocalyptic drama. When Chandler starts preparing for the final part of his plan, he comes across a major crisis in his mission. President Michener (played by Mark Moses) thinks about the fate of his presidency.

He comes across public scrutiny due to speculations suggesting that he has been hiding essential information. With the world facing chaos, the public is looking up to the people in power to bring them hope.

Dog Day promo trailer shows Mike coming to terms with the fact that everything will be soon over. Sadly, he understands that things won’t be over till everybody ends up dead. In the meantime, the President reveals that he has prepared two speeches, intended for the public. If they succeed, one of them will be delivered, and if they don’t, the other one will be used.

On the other hand, the troops discover a place which looks like it was used as storage for loots. Meanwhile, Dane talked about the plot of Season 3 on TV Line.  According to him, there are three storylines progressing together. With every passing week, they get closer to each other and ultimately, the three storylines will collide at some point.

According to the actor, Chandler has a direction to follow in the fourth season in case the show is renewed.  When asked about a chance of renewal, Dane revealed that the present season finale would be satisfying, and it comes with cliffhangers to give room for continuation as well.

The series is currently waiting to receive an official extension from the network, and the actor seems optimistic that it can be secured. According to them, the writers already have ideas about the first five seasons.

On 22nd June 2014, The Last Ship debuted, and it soon grabbed the attention of five million viewers who were interested in watching the post-apocalyptic drama. A virus called Red Flu has no cure, and it was killing millions of people all over the world but surprisingly, a ship filled with sailors survived. Dr. Rachel Scott was onboard the ship.