Derrick Rose: Injuries Changed His Perspective, Not Taking Free-Throws, And More!

Rose consistently used high screens from Joakim Naoh and Paul Gasol giving the Bulls an impressive third quarter lead of 74-59 with only 3:51 minutes left in the game. Derrick Rose helped the Chicago Bulls get a 50% shooting night that gave them a major advantage against the Cleveland Cavaliers

In spite of making quite a show, the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose hasn’t made a free throw in three consecutive games now and the boss isn’t impressed. Head coach Tom Thibodou expressed his displeasure in the way Derrick Rose was performing.

Thibodou said that he just needs to try harder and work on it. Derrick Rose on his part doesn’t want to focus on his lack of free-throws. He says that he is giving his best and that’s all he can do.

Even though Derrick Rose didn’t make any free throws, he approached triple-double, dishing 10 assists, pulling 7 rebounds and scoring 14 points. Rose tends to show much action on days when there are just one day of rest in between two games and this has become a matter of serious concern for the Bulls.

Talking about his team-mate Jimmy Butler making the move to the big league, he says that the moment is just right for him. Being in the same game as James LeBron, there is a lot of pressure and Butler has to take this challenge.