Delta Airlines Struggles to Regain Composure in the Aftermath of Technology Drama, Narita Flights Scrapped

Jack Sullivan from Santa Fe was informed through email by two different agents that his flight from Sunport to Pennsylvania would be ‘international’ since it would have to go through the airlines’ Mexico office, and that Sullivan was required to bring his passport along with him.

It was fixed up by the third agent from the company Sullivan contacted.

New Mexico became the 47th state of USA 104 years back. A Delta spokesperson explained the botches as the result of the high number of calls and emails the airline had to tackle following the computer outage, and that Sullivan would receive an apology.

Meanwhile, some Delta flights to Tokyo’s Narita International Airport would be scrapped. From this fall, flights between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Tokyo’s Narita would be stopped, along with the cancellation of the Narita-Osaka and Narita-Bangkok routes.

This follows Delta’s winning of competition for two-day time routes to Haneda from Los Angeles and Minneapolis- St. Paul. Whether or not the Narita- Minneapolis would be retained would be decided by the U.S. Department of Transportation of Minneapolis service to Haneda.

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