Daniel Radcliffe Fumbles with Magic Tricks in Now You See Me 2, Trailer Shows Illusions and Magic Tricks, Lizzy Caplan On Board, More Details

The trailer shows the Four Horsemen coming out to perform a trick with Mark Ruffalo’s Dylan Rhodes standing on their watch. The performers end up on the roof, where Rhodes tells them to get off it and they jump into a shoot. When they come out of the shoot, the four of them find themselves in a kitchen in China.

Rhodes seems to be working with the Four Horsemen to stop the criminal masterminds from wreaking havoc, but it looks like a hard task. The four talented magicians are baffled at finding themselves in China and before they can do anything, they are taken to Walter Tressler. He gives them a warm welcome and tells them very clearly that he has brought them to China to make them work for him.

As is expected from Now You See Me 2, the trailer is full of illusions and magic tricks. It was previously reported that Isla Fisher will not be able to join in for the sequel to Now You See Me, since she was pregnant and Lionsgate replaced her with Lizzy Caplan, who will play the role of Lula.

Lizzy Caplan has already won hearts with whatever little fans have seen of her in the trailer. She is the “girl Horseman” as she points out and will add the much needed style to the group.

Now You See Me is going to be released worldwide on June 10th. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on Now You See Me 2.