Dance Moms to Have a Special Goodbye Episode for The Ziegler Sisters, Kalani Hilliker’s Mother Part of a Drug Scam!

He agreed to them being in his possession and even confessed that they had a drug called anabolic steroids. Although Todd Cash was let off at the time of the raid, he has since then been charged with drug violation and is now out on probation.

Reports suggest that Kalani Hilliker and Kira Gerard were present in the house when the raid happened and they were escorted to the police.

Kira Gerard had initially refused all the claims, but then she finally accepted the fact that she had been a part of the whole scam. She agreed to plead guilty and will now face a probation for two months and have to pay up a hefty fine.

Dance Moms has been known to create stars and the two names that ring out loud are Maddie Ziegler and Chloe Lukasiak. The two of them have been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards for the Choice Dancer category.

Both Maddie and Chloe have thanked their fans for the nomination. Last year, Chloe Lukasiak had shocked everyone when she beat Ziegler to win the award. Fans are going to wait and watch to see who wins the award for this year.

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