Marwyn to Share Secrets with Daenerys in Winds of Winter, Release Likely to Be Around the End of This Year!

Game of Thrones Season 6 might be keeping the fans of the series busy, but the die-hard lovers of the novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire are still waiting for book six, Winds of Winter. HBO had to go out and work on the script of the sixth season on their own since George R. R. Martin couldn’t complete the novel in time for their schedule.

The fans were a little skeptical about the television series working on the script on their own and they had felt that the charm of the novel would be lost if HBO goes ahead and shares the story beyond what the readers had read in A Dance with Dragons.

Both the scriptwriters for HBO, D.B. Weiss, and David Benioff had assured the fans along with the novelist that the story for the television series will be very different from the one that Martin has planned for the book. This assurance had made the fans a little happy, but then they do not know when they will be able to get their hands on a copy of Winds of Winter.

There are reports that claim that Martin is working really hard to try and bring the novel out by the end of the current year, but since there have been similar claims for the past five years, the fans aren’t going to accept anything until and unless it is announced officially by the publishing house or the author, himself.

There were some reports claiming that Martin is going to release Winds of Winter in May. When the author was enquired about this he rubbished the reports and expressed his anger at such rumors spreading everywhere.

He had previously, repeatedly asked his fans to not believe in anything and everything that they read in the social media.

While there is no information on when Winds of Winter is going to be released, Parent Herald has reported that the book will have Archmaester Marwyn from the Citadel, play a very crucial role.

He will find out about the Others from the north of the Wall, from Sam Tarly and will start a journey to give this news to Daenerys. Marwyn’s adventure will be the focus of Winds of Winter.

Marwyn has in his possession some interesting artifacts. He is carrying a glass candle that works like Palantir, but it hasn’t worked for ages.

However, after hundreds of years the glass candle has lit up again and this indicates that the powers that were dormant for so long are now alive again. Marwyn hopes to make Daenerys a ruler who knows about the threats of the country before she can claim the throne.

Marwyn had learned about the Others from Sam in A Feast For Crows and the information that moved him so much that he had decided to go to Meereen and shares his secrets with Daenerys.

Marwyn could have easily sent in a messenger or even Sam Tarly for the job, but he decides to go himself since he felt that only he could tell Daenerys about the origins of the Others.

Fans feel that there is another reason for Marwyn to go to Daenerys. He was the one who was responsible for making the dragons extinct. He feels that it is his responsibility to explain to the Mother of Dragons why he had made the dragons extinct and had made the Targaryen family weak.