Marwyn to Share Secrets with Daenerys in Winds of Winter, Release Likely to Be Around the End of This Year!

This news is surely not going to please Daenerys, but she is very smart and will realize that Marwyn has a lot of knowledge about the rest of Westeros, which she doesn’t really know. She has for so long only focused on taking the throne of Westeros and doesn’t know what is going on in the north.

Daenerys has become a tyrant queen and her people at Meereen and Slaver’s Bay are not quite happy with what she had been doing. With Marwyn by her side, she will have the chance to become a hero and hopefully make her claim to the throne more powerful.

A Dance With Dragons was all about Daenerys’ rise to power. She had made her influence felt in Westeros and there are quite a few noble and powerful men who are joining her side.

Daenerys’s rule in Meereen might not have gone as well as she had hoped for, but she is likely to get the huge Dothraki army on her side, knowing that she had once charmed them and wouldn’t shy to do it yet again.

Winds of Winter is also going to see Arya Stark start her training with the Faceless Men and on the other hand, Jon Snow’s fate will be revealed after he was left to bleed to death by some of his brothers from the Night’s Watch.

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