Criminal Minds: Spin-off Without Gunn, Rossi Answers Queries!

Criminal Minds saw two of the leading actress taking a break from the show due to maternity leave. Executive producer Erica Messer, will have to find out characters and actors to fill in the space for Jennifer Love Hewitt and AJ Cook who will be taking a break for the next season.

Criminal Minds Season 10 ended on a high note with the drama surrounding Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Kate Callahan’s niece. The creative team of the series was capable for keeping the viewers as enthralled in the tenth season of the show as they were in the first and this is a huge challenge.

In a Reddit AMA, actor Joe Mantegna, who plays the role of David Rossi, answered questions related to the show. Mantegna remained pretty vague in his responses, so as to not to let out any scoops, but he did agree to the fact that Page Brewster (Emily Prentiss) will be returning to Criminal Minds Season 11.

Mantegna said that there are chances that Paget will return for the next season of Criminal Minds now and again. Their executive producer had also said that she will return, so she might be seen occasionally on screen for Criminal Minds Season 11.

There is news that Cook will be retuning mid season, but there is no official news about Hewitt’s return.

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