Criminal Minds Season 12 Confirmation Delay Caused Due To Beyond Borders And Lack Of Funds!

With the departure of Shemar Moore, the expenses for Season 12 were further reduced. This is both good and bad news for the series. Moore decided to leave because the actor wanted to progress as an actor and he wanted to know about what he can still offer to fans.

Moore loves to be an actor but he is also a family guy and he wants to invest more time in his personal life, especially considering his family.

In the end of Season 1, Owen was able to remember a woman, sporting a nanny’s uniform. The name tag said Sara and she paid more attention to Abby than anyone else.

This is because Abby dropped her doll in front of the woman. Later, this character picked it up for her. As a result, Abby had been raised to say ‘thank you’ but she said ‘Merci’ to the UnSub.

However, UnSub took a moment to think and later understood that Abby could her retrieve her daughter. Sara’s real name is Seraphina and she has two sons, a husband, a granddaughter, and a daughter.

Her sons died during a cholera outbreak while the husband died due to earthquake aftershocks. In the end, a rapist impregnated her daughter and she died later in childbirth along with her child.

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