Criminal Minds Season 12 Confirmation Delay Caused Due To Beyond Borders And Lack Of Funds!

There have been a lot of rumors about Criminal Minds and fans just wish to know whether it will get another season 2. The fate of this show has been confirmed by CBS. This took place simply weeks after it was confirmed that the parent show would be renewed for Season 12.

The show started unimpressively but over time, the ratings improved by quite an extent. According to the network, it still has at least another year in it.

It was confirmed by Eric Messer that fans should know the characters more before getting introduced to the cliffhanger season finales. Season 11 of Criminal Minds ended with a cliffhanger and the story was set up for a recently confirmed Season 12, for the parent show.

Why did CBS take so long to confirm Season 2 of Criminal Minds? Keep in mind that the ratings are simply not a reason. CBS needs to wait for ABC’s licensing deal.

This resulted in the delay for the announcement regarding the confirmation of parent show. However, it went through high ratings all throughout. For the network, Criminal Minds still remains the second-highest rated show.

Meanwhile, people are asking as to why there weren’t more crossovers with Beyond Borders and the parent series. Answering that question is difficult but according to one of the theories, it is simply because of the fact that there was a lot of indecision involving the spin-off.

The producers knew that it would be airing but at the same time, people didn’t know when it would release in advance. Therefore, the show simply needed to make themselves great in their own manner, without ever relying on the original. In the meantime, it is coming back with a second season and people would love to see more epic stories crafted between the two.

For instance, both Gary and Thomas are available so there should be something that can take proper advantage of that. An epic event should be added for the two, in order to increase excitement, ratings and tension for each show.

There are some exact challenges coming up in Criminal Minds, especially because of the fact that they have lost an important character like Derek Morgan.

There might still be some uncertainty related to Beyond Borders premiere date, which is further preventing crossovers. The show might premiere on January or March but the two shows will find it difficult to navigate in the process of planning.

It was on 4th May that the 11th season of Criminal Minds reached its conclusion. It was finally announced that viewers will witness 22 new episodes in the upcoming Season 12 as reported by TVLine.

Reports indicate that the delay in announcement of Season 12 is not because of last season’s performance. It was in fact, revealed that the previous season did quite great in terms of performance and ratings.

In every episode, Season 11 garnered 9 million households. According to speculations, the delay in announcement is probably due to the lack of budget for a new season. It is one of the longest running shows by the network.

This resulted in an increase of operational cost which caused the network to suffer from lack of funds. Another reason for the delay is because the network was already airing another spin-off named, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.