Rumors and Updates Regarding The Flash Season 3 Surface, Tom Cavanagh to Be a Regular Character Once Again!

The Flash is an American TV series that has been developed by Geoff Johns, Andrew Kreisberg, and Greg Berlanti. The show made its debut on the CW back in October 2014. The second season of The Flash just came to an explosive end and rumors regarding the next season have already started building up around the internet.

During the last episode of The Flash, it was seen that Tom Cavanagh, who currently portrays the character of Harrison Wells from Earth 2 returned to his version of the Earth with his daughter Jesse. This led fans into speculating whether or not he will be returning in the third season.

During the first season, Tom Cavanagh played the role of Harrison Wells from Earth 1, aka The Reverse Flash, he turned out to be the main villain of that season. In season 2 though he played Harrison Wells from Earth 2, a character that became an instant hit among fans.

Thus, fans have been worried about the fate of the character in the third season after the finale episode of season 2. They need not fret as confirmation has been received that Tom Cavanagh will be returning to reprise his character of Harrison Wells in season 3.

Not only that, it has also been reported that he will be a regular character of the season as he has been in the previous two seasons. Andrew Kreisberg has been quite forthcoming with his praise for Tom Cavanagh for his portrayal of the role of Harrison Wells and also The Reverse Flash.

He mentioned about the different shades that the character has and how Cavanagh has been pulling off every shade with equal competence.

He signed off stating- “Of all the things that we do, I think it’s the talent of the cast, and especially Tom and the performance that he puts in every week in and week out, that doesn’t get sort of larger recognition. Unfortunately, because it’s a superhero show, you won’t get that,”

As for the story of the next season, it is highly likely that it will revolve around the Flashpoint paradox that will be created as a result of Barry going back in time and preventing The Reverse Flash from killing his mother. It was seen during the last episode that Barry went back in time just in time to stop The Reverse Flash from murdering Nora Allen.

In the process, he altered the entire time stream which will have an effect on his life and the lives of the people around him.

This could mean that fans could once more witness Tom Cavanagh put on the suit of The Reverse Flash in the upcoming season. Chances are also there that the original Harrison Wells from Earth 1 could also be making a comeback to the show.

Cavanagh himself expressed his desire to put on the yellow Reverse Flash suit once again. Cavanagh is of the opinion that the show should have a proper dose of antagonism which would highlight the light that The Flash and his team stands for. He added that he is always ready to provide that touch of negativity to the show.

Grant Gustin, who plays the role of Barry Allen aka The Flash was recently enquired about the upcoming season. He hinted towards the fact that the main villain of the third season of The Flash might not be a Metahuman at all.

Some experts are of the opinion that his running back in time would result in Barry not having his superpowers because of the alteration of the timeline. In that context, it seems logical that the showrunners would push forward with a villain that does not have superpowers too.