Criminal Minds: New and Old Characters Coming in the Next Season, Spin-Off News and More!

Criminal Minds Season 11 is on the floors and the detective series is going to have some new facing joining the FBI Behavioral Analyst Unit. Criminal Minds Season 10 saw Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Kate Callahan deciding to resign from the BAU to spend time with her family.

The story followed Kate’s niece’s harrowing kidnapping by a group of cyber criminals and Kate was badly shaken up in the incident. She wanted to be with her family to come back stronger and she decided that she will need to take a break from her routine as a detective.

In reality, Jennifer Love Hewitt is due to give birth to her baby and she is off from Criminal Minds on a maternity leave. With Jennifer Love Hewitt going on maternity leave and A.J Cook who played J.J already on maternity leave, there were talks about bringing in new faces.

Aisha Tyler from The Talk is already going to be a part of Criminal Minds 11. Tyler will play the role of Dr. Tara Lewis, a forensic psychologist who will be interviewed by Hotch (Thomas Gibson) and will be deemed to be the best candidate to come into the team.

Dr. Lewis has a knack for delving into the minds of the notorious criminals and she can figure out why they are thinking and what they are thinking. This trait of hers will help the BAU stop a lot of heinous crimes from coming to fruition.

Dr. Tara Lewis will be coming on board to fill in the place of Kate Callahan. While Jennifer Love Hewitt has decided to stay away from the whole of Criminal Minds Season 11 because of her maternity leave, the writers haven’t written her off completely. If she is willing, they will happily bring her back on board.

There are some speculations that Marisol Nichols from NCIS will be joining the cast of Criminal Minds. There has been no official confirmation yet on this news. It was Marisol Nichols herself who hinted at her joining the FBI BAU in Criminal Minds when she shared a photo on Twitter of Criminal Minds and said that she was excited to work on CBS’s Criminal Minds.

In case you are wondering if Nichols will be reprising the role of Agent Zoe Keats, it is not going to be so. NCIS and Criminal Minds come from two different networks and while NCIS has been a strong influence on several series like Hawaii Five-O and the recent Scorpion. If Marisol Nichols is a part of the upcoming season it will be a new role where she will be flashing the badge for the FBI in Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds Season 11 will be hitting the small screen on 30th September, and unlike the previous seasons this which had 24 episodes, this one will have only 22. This is no way a response to the show not faring well.

The writers have a shortage of characters and they are giving space to the ones who have taken a maternity leave. They have evolved the story in a way that the absence of the main characters isn’t obvious.

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  1. OH, actually, TVLine did confirm that Marisol Nichols is indeed doing a role on Criminal Minds. I’m sure that’s as official as it can get. 🙂

  2. I read on another site that Aisha Tyler may become Reid’s love match. Please say it isn’t so. a much as I think it’s time Reid found a girlfriend that lasted longer than 2-3 episode, I can’t see these two together at all.

  3. Um…Criminal Minds and NCIS are on the same Network. lol Wasn’t pleased with Marisol Nichols as Zoe Keates but wish her luck on Criminall Minds. She just needs to find the right part. 🙂

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