Criminal Minds: New and Old Characters Coming in the Next Season, Spin-Off News and More!

Show producer, Erica Messer insisted on working out a story that has the scope to get the characters on leave back when they are ready. There is no confirmation about when Hewitt will be back. A.J Cook who has been away on a leave to take care of her baby will be back after the first five episodes of the next season.

Apart from new faces, the next season will see some familiar faces coming back on the show. Joe Mantegna who plays Agent David Rossi had revealed that Paget Brewster will be back in Criminal minds Season 11 to reprise her role of Agent Emily Prentiss.

Criminal Minds is one of those very few series that has had a successful run since the word go. Given the kind of popularity it has, there are talks of a spin-off from the series. Criminal Minds: Beyond Barriers will have different characters and will follow a different branch of the FBI, but the format will be similar to the original show.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders will follow agents who help American citizens who are in trouble outside the country. The pilot was released a few weeks back by ABC and it was a huge success.

Daniel Henney and Tyler James Williams have already been cast in Beyond Borders. There are reports that they will be joined by Annie Funke and Alana de la Garza. Funke will be playing the role of Mae, the medical expert on the team while Garza will be Clara, a seasoned anthropologist. Both of them will be part of the International Response Team.

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  1. OH, actually, TVLine did confirm that Marisol Nichols is indeed doing a role on Criminal Minds. I’m sure that’s as official as it can get. 🙂

  2. I read on another site that Aisha Tyler may become Reid’s love match. Please say it isn’t so. a much as I think it’s time Reid found a girlfriend that lasted longer than 2-3 episode, I can’t see these two together at all.

  3. Um…Criminal Minds and NCIS are on the same Network. lol Wasn’t pleased with Marisol Nichols as Zoe Keates but wish her luck on Criminall Minds. She just needs to find the right part. 🙂

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