Corvo And Emily Get To Time Travel In Dishonored 2, Developers Make Voiced Characters, Game To Take Place 15 Years After The First Instalment!

The Daud DLC for the first version did play a significant role in warming the players to voiced characters. The players weren’t ready to accept the voiced characters, but then Daud helped them develop and change their preference. Smith is of the opinion that the voiced characters help the game become warm.

There are reports that Dishonored 2 allows the players to possess animals, some of which can be upgraded to make them fly. The VG247 has reported that most of the old powers of Corvo Attano are back, but they have new ways to be upgraded. The players can possess bloodflies and people and even corpses.

According to Polygon, Dishonored 2 is going to pick up fifteen years after Dishonored. It will bring in Emily Kaldwin, who was the princess in Dishonored. She had been rescued by Corvo and is now going to take her rightful place as the empress. Things, however, do not progress that smoothly, and she becomes a supernatural assassin to try and get back her throne.

There are only two ways to play the game; one is to murder people ruthlessly and make way to the throne or be a pacifist who works stealthily without harming anyone or revealing his/her presence to the world.

Dishonored two is going to be released on 11th November 2016. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on Dishonored 2.