Corvo And Emily Get To Time Travel In Dishonored 2, Developers Make Voiced Characters, Game To Take Place 15 Years After The First Instalment!

Harvey Smith, the co-director of Dishonored 2 has been giving out a lot of scoops about the much-anticipated game, Dishonored 2. The developers, Arkane Studios, is currently working on the game, and there is a lot of interest among the players to find out what they can expect in the game to come. Smith has been letting out scoops about Dishonored 2, from time to time and has kept the fans happy.

Christian Today reported that he had recently revealed that Corvo Attano, one of the protagonists of Dishonored 2, is likely to engage in time travel. Smith informed in his Twitter post that in one of the upcoming missions, Corvo Attano would participate in time travel and go back to the past. While he let out the interesting piece of news of the game having an aspect of time travel, Smith was clear that he would be not be letting out any more information on the topic.

The fans do not know which mission in Dishonored 2 will show Corvo Attano time travel to the past. According to Design and Trend, there was a particular mission from Dishonored 2 that was on demo at the recently held E3 2016 and it showed Emily, the other protagonist of the game, coming in possession of a timepiece that gives her the scope to time travel to the past.

The players who have tried their hands on the demo version of Dishonored 2 at the E3 are of the opinion that this would be the mission that will see Corvo Attano heading back to the past. Some fans who are of the belief that this isn’t likely and Corvo Attano might borrow the timepiece from Emily for some other mission.

Dishonored two is going to let the players enjoy the aspect of time travel, but they aren’t going to experience mods in the second installment of the game. Harvey Smith has made it very clear that there is no official statement on the issue. Apparently, the developers would love to incorporate mods in the game, but they can do it only if they have time.

The developers at Arkane Studios are very sure that the players are going to love Dishonored 2. Even if the mods are not incorporated into the game, the viewers will get to enjoy Corvo Attano and Emily in a different light.

Both the characters have been given a voice in Dishonored 2. The voice of Corvo was given by Stephen Russel, while Erica Luttrell gave her voice to Emily. There are also multiple ways to upgrade them during the game.

Dishonored had only the character of Corvo, and he didn’t have a voice. However, as reported by Gamespot, Dishonored introduced a DLC and gave voice to Daud. Smith said that while the developers didn’t think that lending voice to their character makes much difference, they later realized that it does matter since there are some instances when the players do not notice things, and this is where the characters can step in and point them out.

The element of voiced characters also helps the players connect to the characters more intimately. Many players weren’t very happy with the voiced characters during the demo trials for Dishonored 2.

However, they came around when they saw the characters responding and interacting. The emotional reaction of the characters helps the players connect to the game better as well.