Bill Goldberg Talks About His WWE 2K17 Deal, Brock Lesnar Has Been Officially Announced To Be the Cover Athlete of This Game!

Brock Lesnar, the tour guide of Suplex City, will be on the cover of WWE 2K17, but rumors indicate that there will be more playable characters in 2K’s annual installment of their wrestling franchise. The other big news this year is Bill Goldberg joining the WWE 2K17 scene.

He is boasting of his legendary streaks that were usually reserved for the purpose of North Korean propaganda. This if the first time that Bill Goldberg, the Jackhammer slam master, will be featured in a WWE game, ever since his appearance in WWE 2K14.

Goldberg recently decided to talk about the deal which made it possible. He didn’t talk to anybody. Instead, he directly spoke to 2K, and they managed all the interaction with WWE. According to him, this year is not different from the rest and due to that, they decided to agree with it.

The company wanted him to be a downloadable or cover character for many years. Goldberg thinks that time managed to heal old wounds, and that is the only significant difference this year.

Fans are, however, excited about the fact that there is a certain correlation about entering a WWE game and appearing in the WWE Hall of Fame, besides other legends like Ultimate Warrior, Donald Trump and Andre, the Giant.

Right now, people are wondering whether Goldberg will be included in the Hall of Fame. He said that he doesn’t have any idea about what goes in their minds, and he didn’t have a conversation with them regarding it.

Goldberg said that it is nothing but a relationship between him and 2K, for the video game.  He doesn’t wish to do anything else except honor the deal between them. He simply wanted to put a smile on his 10-year old’s face and nothing more.

Meanwhile, Paul Heyman, the former ECW boss, decided to single out one of his own, as an addition to the WWE 2K17 roster. If you are expecting The Sandman, Rob Van Dam or Sabu, it isn’t them. He wants Joey Styles, the former ECW commentator to be added in this game.

In the final part of WWE 2K17, he told GR+ that his choice is Joey Styles. When asked why he said that he wants to see Brock Lesnar ‘F5’ Joey Styles. He wants to hear what it sounds like when Joey is mid-air and comes and crashes down on the mat.

Fans have long wanted ECW stars to be featured in 2K’s WWE games. Last year, we saw Mikey Whipwreck included in the game. However, for WWE 2K17, only Goldberg, Sasha Banks, John Cena, Ultimate Warrior and Brock Lesnar have been declared so far.

Earlier, Heyman revealed that a WrestleMania 20 rematch between Goldberg and Lesnar would not end well for the former. He said that he did several voice-overs for it, without revealing a lot about the inner workings of the game.

He doesn’t think Brock would be happy about his decision to promote anyone except him, even if it includes WWE 2K17 gameplay. The game will be released on PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS3 on 11th October.

During a conference call with Paul Heyman, Lesnar’s advocate, media people learned that he would be featured on the WWE 2K17 cover. It was officially announced a few days later. Lesnar is the first athlete to appear on the cover of a UFC title and a WWE 2K game.